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    Race to the Treasure–and FAST

    Let the Search Party Begin!

    You and your fellow players have a mission if you dare—together, design a path from the stack of tiles that leads to the keys and then to the treasure before the Ogre does!

    Appropriate for 5 years old and up, Race to the Treasure combines basic graphing skills, visual planning, and cooperative play into a fast-paced journey. An engaging game created by Gina Manola for Peaceable Kingdom, it’s easy to learn, while working together and agreeing on a strategy really counts towards winning!

    At the start of the game you roll the color and number dice to lay out 4 keys. Gather 3 out of 4 keys on your path to get the gold. Will you go north, south east or west? Increase the difficulty level by using a timer for each turn (not included), or by placing one or two ogres on the red Ogre Path at the beginning of the game. If you draw 8 Ogre tiles before your team gets to the treasure…he wins the race, and all of you get to try again.

    It’s a great game for young players as it nurtures cooperation and communication. Each game is a little different, so it’s entertaining for the adults who play along!